Marchand Dessalines

I was to put it mildly, surprised! I expressed to my friend, who took me on this trip, that I didn’t even feel like I was in Haiti. The lushness, the green, and the amount of water was so different from the Haiti I had come to know! I saw a lake, Acre after acre of rice paddys, and children enjoying an afternoon swim in clean fresh water! I was transported back in time while in the town of Marchard Disallines and the surrounding country side. Houses made of wood, the older buildings in Marchand Dessalines reminding me of the old American west. Watched over by no less than five fortresses, perched on the mountain peaks, with the majestic statue of Dessalines keeping an on eye on them.

I find my self embarrassed that I didn’t take even more pictures! Here I share with you some of the ones I took. Enjoy!


Marchand Dessalines

Marchand Desallines

In the mountains above city of Marchand Desallines are five fortresses. Often they appear to be just part of the rocky mountain side. The translated names for three of them are “Make a decission” “Little woman” and “End of the world” I was unable to learn the names of the other two.

make a decission

Little woman

End of the world

The statue of Dessaline looking up at three of the fortresses.

Catching a little shade, outside of Marchand Dessalines

Cart Wheeling