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Thought I’d share parts of a paper written by by Andrea Atkinson, Urgent Service Director at Elevate Destinations. Their trip to Haiti won a Nat Geo Tour of a Lifetime Award in 2011 so below is a little about how they did it.

Is it time for everyone to open Haiti up as a destination? Probably not. But are there ways to do it effectively? Yes, see below as an example.

Effective Volunteer Travel Creating Relationships for Meaningful Service in Haiti & The Gulf

Volunteering and service abroad have become very popular for individuals and groups. Developing a volunteer program that both benefits a community as well as positively impacts volunteers is not as easy as just sending a group of people into a “community in need”. In order for one to two week stints of work to be effective and create meaningful change, it is important for…

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Red Wine for Breakfast

Red wine for Breakfast


The bread has mold

one to many days old

not that it matters but the Nutella is gone

its all right I am know longer fond

the lone apple is soft, I will feed to the pig

who has just finished consuming the rest of the figs

the cupboards are bare

filled with ants and air

so this morning to break my fast

I will have grapes of the fermented variety

though not so much I forgo my sobriety! 


Things have really started to move ahead here, I am so busy that sleep doesn’t seem to be part of the agenda.

Over the lst few days I have designed a kitchen for the school in Williamson, a kitchen that will feed 125 students and 25 staff. The kitchen will be built complete with a serving window and moving them from cooking with charcoal to using propane. The supplies will be ordered today and the construction will begin Saturday when we have a team of 18 from the States to help with the work.

I ordered the supplies yesterday to start the building of the first egg laying operation for a family in Williamson. This 100 chicken operation will allow the family to become self sustaining. I am very excited about this project and the other poultry project. The other one is a 100 bird broiler operation for a different family. The layer project materials were ordered yesterday and the broiler materials will be ordered today. Work on both begins this morning. We have 6 Haitians coming in to work on the ground preparation today and will continue working until they are both complete. The broiler chicks come July 31 and the layers August 20th.

I work very closely with Ti Pap, the head of construction for World Wide Village. We make a great team and often are completing each others thoughts and have the same views on sustainability and the projects being done in a way that other Haitian families can afford to copy our work on their own. He is also a lover of gardening and trees, needless to say it is a good match. We even wore matching clothes one day without prior conversation, we truly looked like a team when we were out on the job sites. It was too funny!

My role as I have stated in my previous posts is mainly agricultural, with the exception of the rain water catchment systems. I now looks like I will be involved in the construction side as well, this does not bother me since working with Ti Pap is great, but it does add more weight to my shoulders.

Today along with over seeing construction I need to; finish material lists, fill out requisition forms, complete design of the broiler operation, order the birds, and write a training manual for the families that are receiving the birds.

I have so much more to say, but must end now so I can hit the road!