Keen Shoes

Back in April when I was working as a sales director for Maple Creek Landworks, selling a specialized concrete product, called Stonemakers, I found myself needing boots. Now I can be a bit of a diva, and I didn’t want regular work boots. The boots had to be good-looking, comfortable, sturdy, and get concrete on them and come clean again.

So I went to Farmway a store in Bradford, Vermont that has everything from Art work to aspirin (okay maybe not aspirin but certainly aged cheese), they are an incredible store and if you ever find your self in Vermont it is a must see store! If you stop in ask to see Paul and tell him Rebecca in Haiti sent you and she says HI.

Wow, I digress!

So I bought Keen hiking boots and have been extremely happy with them! They have been in concrete and come clean, I have hiked in them with no blisters, and they remain good-looking. So in June when it was time to buy more shoes to take with me to Haiti, back to Farmway and Keen I went. I purchased two more pair, a lighter weight and non water proof hiking boot and a sandal. I could not be happier. The night I was kidnapped and walking and walking and walking I was thankful it was my Keens they had me put on! I worked on a concrete slab last Friday, once again wearing my Keens. My NB sneakers have not seen the light since I got here, and wont unless I start running again, although I might try running in my Keens first!

I know this sounds like a commercial, it isn’t supposed to. Haiti is so hard on shoes, it is the perfect proving ground for a shoes durability! So consider this a testament to the Keen shoe not a commercial.

But wouldn’t it be cool if Keen donated boots to all my construction guys?!

Gypsum, Alamosa, Venice H2 the website for Farmway


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