Another Poultry Day

Four days we have been on site with four projects going. The swing set was completed yesterday and today the village children were having a blast with it. The kitchen is a slow work in progress as is the broiler operation, however the layer operation is making good progress. Yesterday we laid the concrete block that sits on the layer box end on the “compound”, today we complete the block. Today we also completed the roof that goes over the layer box end. Tomorrow I hope we will get the bracing up as well as the wire and the tin roofing. The tin roofing will be laid length wise on the outside of the wire and screwed to the posts that are cemented in 2 feet deep. The tin is needed to keep the rooving goats from breaking through the fence to reach the chicken feed, it will also protect the chickens from dogs.

Here are more pictures taken with my Blackberry Curve


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