Hellish Night

Last night could be considered my worst night in Haiti, disregarding the early morning kidnapping of a couple weeks ago. Once again I had no power when i returned home from a very long hot day on the job site. Out side in the breeze was not so bad, but inside the house was a dry enclosed nasty heat, that was not even pleasent to breath, much less physically be in.

I spent hours outside, at one point even falling sleep outside on the steps to the veranda. Ti Djo, my friend that is staying with me right now for security reasons, watching over me. The voodoo church next door was having there Saturday evening service: drums beating, voices raised, and bells ringing. I am used to there Saturday evening service so it is not an issue comfort wise. That is until they started cracking this large whip, that woke me up with a start, it sounded like gun fire. I was immediately out of a cool sound sleep and into panic mode. Ti Djo said it was time for me to go in the house to sleep and I readily agreed. The heat in the house was only a few degrees cooler than when I arrive home several hours before. I lay on the bed a sheet over be trying to protect my self from misquitoes. I tried is deseration to sleep and finally did, only to be awoke in a panic by yet more cracking of the voodoo whip. I was eventually able to fall back into a restless sleep.

At 1:44am I woke up soaked in perspiration and being bite by bugs. I could not stand to lay there in my own moisture any more! I got up and in a daze began to wonder around the house, standing in front of the kitchen window for sometime were a breeze was coming into the house. I went and grabbed two sheets and a towell and made my self a bed on the living room floor. The living room being cooler and the floor the coolest place to be. Even that wasn’t cool enough, in my mind I was in a desperate place. I needed to be outside where I could here the wind blowing. I new that going outside would upset Ti Djo, but I couldn’t stand the house any longer!

I opened the large metal door as quitly as possible, memories of the kidnapping flashing through my mind, half expecting to be blinded by bright lights when I stepped outside. But nothing was there but the dark of the night. I sat down on the steps, as still as possible, soaking of the breeze and praying for a constaint large wind. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that Ti Djo had followed me outside. He allowed me about 10 minutes before he began to insist that I go back inside. I just couldn’t stumoch the idea and held my position on the step. Eventually he won out and I went back in the house to my bed on the livingroom floor. Ti Djo sat down in a chair near the closed door and rested his feet on another chair, he was clearly guarding the door to prevent any further escapes in to the night on my part.

After many adjustments I fell into a restless sleep. Tile on concrete is not a gentle bed, I believe I only slept out of exhaustion.

My computer battery died this am, so this post had to wait to be published. The power is back on and I have decided that is my birthday present. Perhaps it will stay on and tonight I will sleep.


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