The Bookies Office

My electricity is off again, not due to any storm. I am awake at 5:30, at least a half hour before the alarm because I could know longer stand to lay in my own sweet, being attacked by bugs because my repellent comes off with the sweet. My power is out because I am on EDH, public power, and it comes and goes at what appears to be a whim. I personally picture this group of men sitting in front of a big screen, a lite up map of Haiti in front of them, pin points showing the locations that the power is on. Sitting on the table around which they sit is a red rotary dial phone, like in the old American movies, the phone the President would have for calling the USSR. So the phone sits there, ringing on occasion , one of the men answering and receiving information on what area of the country the call was from and how much bribe money had come in from that area so far. After hanging up a lengthy and often heated discussion would ensue on whether or not enough money had come in to warrant that area getting power. When they decided more money needs to come in they pick up the phone and issue an order to turn the areas power on for 30 seconds, just a tease you see. If they agreed on amount of bribe money doesn’t come it from an area their power could remain off for days, just to make a point.

Ah, I have the perfect picture in my head now! Picture a beating brokers office. The games on the screen, the smell of perspiration caused by excitement, smoke-filled air, and the smell of old money hanging in the air. the phone ringing, men have clipped conversations. Oh yes, this is the picture in my head.

Any how, I am broke and wont be placing a bet, hope my neighbors are feeling flush and the power comes back on!


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