Burning Rain

(written 1 week ago)

We are getting an earth quenching rain right now, complete with thunder and lightning. This has dropped the temperature to a very comfortable level. It being 6:30 pm on a Friday work is done for me for the week. Though if Ti Pap can come through with a car for Saturday we, Hubert and I will travel with him to see a business that grows moringa trees as well as mango trees. I am extremely excited about moringa.

World Wide Village has planted them before, but not in a sustainable way and the villagers in Luly never “took” to the project. I want to try again in a new village, perhaps in one I am already established in. A village really needs to trust you to get behind a moringa projects for it is outside the box. The other reason for my excitement stems from from something Hubert and his friends have been doing; planting trees here in Haiti. After learning of my research on the moringa and all of its values, which are many, he and his friends feel that moringa needs to be one of the trees they plant, maybe even a key tree. (more on moringa in a post to come)

As I sit here on the veranda in the cool of the evening, listening to the rain, a thought as come into my head. Rain sounds the same here as it does in New Hampshire, Tennessee, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and even in Denmark. The sun doesn’t always feel or look the same, but the rain falling and hitting the earth and the rolling thunder sound the same. The smell, now that is different. My neighbors were burning stuff all day today and the smoke lingered low in the air. We are now left with the smell of burning rain. Wood soaked smoke, a smell that is heavy with a crisp note at the end of each intake of breath. Another rain smell we have here occurs when driving. At times the smell of the rain is dust laden. It is a choking smell, worse than the dust by its self. Breathing the dust rain is a most enjoyable experience, one would just assume the rain would make the dust bearable but it takes hours of rain to makes the dust smell go away.

In the cool of this evening I close my eyes and transport myself to all the other places I have lived. But only breifly! I am so happy with where I am now, there is no need to travel even in my head to another place. I breath in and breath out the burning rain, and am content with my life.




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