My Value $600,000

Tuesday morning at about midnight, I was awoken by a light shining into my house. I got out of bed to investigate. Seeing nothing in the living room I walked to the door. I was greeted by a bright light pointed directly in my eyes and voices speaking words I couldn’t understand. Another light turn on to me from the right and the first light was then lowered. When the light was lowered I was able to see a man in a camo slouch hat, holding a hand gun, with clip in it. They pushed me into the house, where they took me through room by room, looking I assume for another person. At that time I was told to sit on the bed and put on my flip flops, which I did. Then he noticed my hiking boots and he had me put those on. He then went through my luggage and had me put on the darkest pants he could find. It was at this point I became sure that I would be leaving the house. He then asked me to put on a fleece jacket he found in my suitcase, I refused, telling him in Creole that is was very hot, I then pulled out a rain / wind breaker and put it on. He then put the gun to my head and told me I am being kidnapped and they will need to pay 1 million for me. We then went out the door, my laptop and several other items went into their backpack and out the door with us.
Out side the gates we were met by 6 more men. We then started down the road, running when in the light walking in the shade. My sleeve was being pulled by a young man the entire time. I realized shortly after getting out the gate, that there is a young man with them that saw me as more than just a commodity. He was worried about my crying and was treating me different than the others. I made a decision early on to try and get close to him. When they stopped suddenly and the leader went off the side of the road and started shooting. This did me in and I started to cry, this also gave me the opportunity to get closer to the young man with a heart. After the shooting I clung to him, and he comforted me. As we walked there were times I would start to trip and the young man would reach out to stabilize me. When we walked by gates with dogs walking behind them, I would act scared and move toward the young man.
We walked and walked and walked… For about 45 minutes we walked and ran. The leader on occasion would make or receive a call. At one point they offered me water, i began to think if they are offering me water i am going to be doing this for awhile. Finally we stopped, they just stood in the road and talked. The leader took out my phone and handed it to me. I asked him if he wanted me to call an American, he said yes and then he said ale (go)! I didn’t move, I couldn’t trust that he really meant for me to leave. The young man that I had been working on being close with physically turned me around and told me to go.
I started walking, scared to death that I was going to be shot from behind. I walked, cried and tried to call help. Finally it dawned on my over wrought brain that Ti Pap who works for World Wide Village with me, would be the person to call. He has been to my house and has access to a car. Through my sobs I told Ti Pap my story and he told me to keep walking, that he was coming. And walk I did. Soaked with sweat, but unwilling to remove the rain/wind breaker, I just kept walking. I finally found a land mark and was relieved that I was truly going the right direction. I arrived home about 50 minutes or more later, and sat on the steps waiting for Ti Pap who showed up.
… Fluff I won’t go into occurred…
I was taken to the police, where the story was told. They followed us to the house, four of then. They searched the yard, and inside the house. A written report was given and the left me their number. They also said they would be driving by the house every day multiple times, they would honk at the gate, showing people that they are aware of my presence and are here for me.
More has happened since, but none of it dangerous and all of it working towards safety. I will write more details etc. later, for the moment I have relived this episode enough for today.

Here is the note I left on my table and he wrote stuff the leader with the gun wrote.



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