Do you have a garden?

Do you have a garden? This is just one of the many questions I asked the three families I meet with last Thursday. How many people are in your family? How many children? What are their ages…

I have been in Haiti for not quite 2 weeks yet and I started work for World Wide Village on the anniversary of my first week in country. We are moving ahead in Williamson, with plans to help families start egg laying operations. The selected families will participate with us in building them a chicken coop large enough to hold 60 plus chickens. The families will receive training on working with and raising their chickens, this training will include a manual which I will be writing and have transcribed into Creole. The families will also receive ongoing support in the form of visits, at the beginning of their chicken adventure 4-5 visits a week. It is not that owning chickens is new to Haitian families, it is owning chickens that are not running free that is new.

These chickens will provide additional nutrition not only into the diets of the families that own them, but additional income. The added egg supply in the area of Williamson with also give other people a greater opportunity to increase their egg consumption. As a side effect (pun intended), the manure from the chickens will become a compost tea and be used in local gardens, a practice that I will be teaching, that I hope catches on.

I hope to have the supplies purchased by the end of this week and the first chicken coop built by the end of the following week.  Monday I will be going to Haitian Broilers a huge poultry operation that was started as a partnership between Jamaica Broilers and others. If all goes well at this visit we will be purchasing our pullets from them, along with the feed.

I apologize for the dryness of this post and for it taking so long to get something posted… busy and tired play into my excuses for this. I will eventually work posting into my schedule and endeavor to make the posts more entertaining.



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