L’ Union Fait La Force

As the flag of Haiti states; L’ Union Fait La Force, loosely translated; Unity Creates Strength. I feel so strongly about these words that they are tattooed on my right wrist!
Four years ago when I started going to Haiti, I knew not the path that was intended for me. Looking back I was truly cutting my own path. The belief of a hand up not a hand out gave a me solid working base, and off I went. Thanks to World Wide Village, I now have the opportunity to do on a much larger scale what I have been doing over these past fours years in Haiti. World Wide Village and myself are Uniting with the villagers in Williamson, Haiti. As the Program Coordinator, for the projects in Williamson I will designing, teaching, and helping implement- gardens, (community, individual and children’s), a poultry farm, rain water catchment systems and I hope a herd a goats that will be used to change the lives of the children in Williamson. This is going to be an exciting year.
I want to ask you to be part of the excitement. World Wide Village and I have partnered with Williamson; but we need you to partner with us as well! This strength needs to come from the Unity of many, not the few. Please consider becoming a monthly supporter of the work I am doing in Williamson.

Your support is tax deductible, not not only are you unifying with us for greater strength, but your getting a tax break! Win win.

You can donate online at http://www.worldwidevillage.org
Via the mail to World Wide Village 616 Sims Ave. St Paul, MN 55130
If you would like your donation to go towards my work specifically please put my name in the memo space on your check.


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